Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Festfingervante - Festive Finger Gloves designed by Brita-Kajsa Karlsdotter (1816-1915)

Teknik: Broderi, översydda förstygn, stjälkstygn,
ensidig plattsöm,korsstygn,pärlor och påläggssöm.

Översydda förstygn, stjälkstygn,
ensidig plattsöm - ovansida och undersida.
Pakken med garn og mønster kjøpte jeg i butikken på Nordanå Museum i Skellefteå. Så at de ville passe perfekt til bunaden 17 mai!! Historien om designeren er veldig rørende - God lesing!!
I bought the instructions and materials at Nordanå Museum in Skellefteå. My intention was to make the gloves to wear with my National Costume - Nordlandsbunaden -. With the cold weather in Norway they are truly a must. I like them a lot!!

The story of designer Brita Kajsa Karlsdotter is as follows:
Brita Kajsa Karlsdotter lived a hard life where the struggle for bread and food was her most important task each day. She was good and generous. Her strong religious beliefs gave her strength through the difficulties she met in her every day life. Often, her embroideries are signed with the letters ARTHG which means All The Glory Belong To God.

She was very poor. The material she used for table cloths were pieces of used sheet - recycling - återvinning - gjenbruk - even in the 1800s! She picked the part of the sheet that was in the best condition. More, she picked the red cotton threads of a glass towel to use for embroidering. Great idea for recycling!!

Her inspiration is from the nature in her surroundings. It was pine and Wild Swedish summer flowers. To make the pattern she had to tore into the fabric directly by using her nails or the needle. All her works are different, but her compositions may be repeated. Old = New!!

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